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How a Clothing Dryer Works


Air Movement


The warm, moist air leaves the dryer through a hole in the back, which is usually hooked up by a pipe to a vent on your house. But where does the air enter the dryer?


Let’s follow the path of the air through the dryer. The air is sucked into the dryer through openings in the outside of the machine. One fan drives all of the air through the dryer, but the fan is actually the last step in the process.


In brief, this is how the air makes its way through the dryer:

  1. It enters the body of the dryer through a large hole in the front of the dryer.
  2. It is sucked past the heating element and into the tumbler.
  3. It enters the door and is directed down through the lint screen.
  4. It passes through a duct in the front of the dryer and into the fan.
  5. The fan forces it into the duct leading out the back of the dryer, at which point it exits your house.

Tips before calling for a technician:

  • Make sure that gas is on to a gas dryer
  • Check the breaker on an electric dryer
  • Make sure the vent is clear – clogged vents blow thermal fuses on most dryers, causing the dryer not to start or heat

Letting noisy dryers get noisier is not wise because the drums can be ruined, and other greater expenses incurred.




We stock many parts to repair dryers. We can diagnose and quote repair prices using five major U.S. parts suppliers. We’ll check the available stock on parts to ensure a quick return to complete the repair.